We started our journey as a group of 16 drummers and fire spinners for the Beltane Fire Festival in April 2019. Since then Unsaeli has continued to grow as a performance group and bring a mixture of ancient Scottish folklore (with our character of dark Fae – the Unseelie), awesome drum beats, and enchanting fire performance.

Beltane Fire Festival 2019. Photo by Scott A. Winchester for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved.

We have performed at several festivals and venues around Scotland and England, and hope to do much more of that in 2020. Our sound takes inspiration from tribal, metal, samba, drum & bass, and anything else that carries a good dance-able rhythm. Where we can, we spin fire staff and poi to add some magic to our tunes, and can do this with LED instead when performing indoors.

Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival. Photo by Bleu Hope.

We offer a full band of musicians and are sure to make an audience move. Our performances are usually in fae-like costume and we do enjoy some bodypaint to bring the character into it. We have performed at several festivals (Beltane fire festival, Jazz and Blues carnival, Lindisfarne Festival) and create amazing energy that makes people dance.

Unsaeli at Lindisfarne Festival, 2020. Photo copyright: Lindisfarne Festival.
We play club sets too!

We don’t require any sound tech for indoor performance (other than ear plugs) and really enjoy noising up a venue. We’d be ideal as a support act to ensure a quick switch to main act and get the audience energy levels up beforehand.

TEARING IT UP AT Lindisfarne Festival 2019! WOOOOO!Thanks for having us Lindisfarne Festival, we'll be back 😉

Posted by Unsæli on Sunday, September 1, 2019
Fire and drums at Lindisfarne Festival 2019.

We love to enhance celebrations as well, and can be an alternative kind of wedding band. Our sets can be up to an hour long and really represent joy and excitement.

In short, we are a performance crew of drummers with a lot of skill and awesome tunes. We are hoping to perform more and spread the magic of Unsaeli with our drums, fire and folklore. Get in touch!